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All great stories have humble beginnings, and the Leo movement in Sri Lanka is no different. Launched in the historic year 1969, with the Leo Club of Wattala being the very first Leo club in Sri Lanka, the Leo Movement in Sri Lanka officially set flight in 1978 as the Lions Multiple had sufficient Lions club to have sub-Districts. As there was continued interest from young Sri Lankans towards the movement, the Multiple 306 was divided in to 306A and 306B, following which in 1989 ,306C was born as a subdivision of 306A and B.

The growth would not stop there. A redistricting was imminent and again in 2005 the Multiple 306 was divided into 6 districts and 306C1 was formed under the leadership of (then) Leo Tuan Roshan Latiff with the first District Governor being Professor Lakshman Wijeweera. Despite commencing the Leoistic year late, due to the lack of inactive clubs, in its first year itself the Leo District 306C1 was instrumental in achieving the most coveted award from the International, The Best Leo Club in the World award for the Leo Club of Colombo Wekanda, a first for Sri Lanka.  Our achievements would not end there, Leo Janaka Pieris from the Leo Club of Wekanda would join the C1 Hall of Fame as he achieved the incredible title of Leo of the Year from the International.

A key district project during that year was the Youth Camp organized for 300 orphans, 26 of whom were affected by the devastating Boxing Day Tsunami of the previous year. This project is especially noteworthy for at the time, this was a very original concept that was only possible through the collaborative effort of Leos and Lions. Another such noteworthy project was when the Victoria Elders Home was cleaned by 160 Leos who all contributed to renovate the Home for Elders. In terms of pushing clubs towards global recognition, many Leo Clubs in the District, under the vision of the then District President received their Banner Patches for “Serving Together”, “Spotlight on Children” and the like. The challenges faced at the start of the Leoistic year were overcome when all 16 active Leo Clubs received their due recognition.

The Leo District President received the honorable Top 10 Club Extension Award, Top 10 membership growth award as well as the title of being one of the Top Districts in the world for all the International Awards received. This was all achieved during our first year of service, setting the distinct 306 C1 benchmark of rising from every challenge thrown our way. This incredible leadership was followed by the Presidency of another incredible Leo in our history books, Leo Supun Nigamuni. He carried on the path created for him by hosting an International youth camp covering 25 countries like India, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Malaysia etc… This was a signature project for that year.

We were able to produce another Leo of the Year in the Leoistic year 2006/07, Leo Madawa Wickramasinghe. In the years following to this we have been capable of maintaining our standards throughout with capable leaders heading our district. Leo Jeewani Perera would once again mark Leo District history by becoming the first ever female district president to lead our Leo District. Paving the way for future female leadership.

The District Presidency of Leo Dhanushka Sandanayake marked a change in club administration when he, along with our then District Chairman for Leos set up a proper standard for District Evaluation. This was the first step in a series of steps taken by many a successor to revise and improve upon District Administration. Our district has produced its fair share of Multiple District Presidents as well. Leo Dhanushka Ramanayake and Leo Lion Dilruk Tissera being such figureheads. During the Multiple District Presidency of (then) Leo Dhanushka Ramayanake , Lion Tuan Roshan Latiff was appointed the position of an International Advisory Panelist for Leos in the year 2010-2012. The first ever for Sri Lanka.

In the years 2012-2014 Leo Dhanushka Ramanayake too was appointed to this position.

And here we are at present, as Leos of 306C1, conducting various activities to help the needy, less fortunate as well as for the betterment of the movement and its members.


District Clubs

Leaders throughout the years

DP Leo Mandakini Kariyawam

2021 – 2022

IPDP Leo Samitha Perera  

2020 – 2021

PDP Leo Lion Shathika Karunaratne

2019 – 2020

PDP Leo Lion Thilina Wijayamuni De Zoysa

2018 – 2019

PDP Leo Lion Pasindu Bhanuka Premarathne

2017 – 2018

PMDP Leo Lion Dilruk Tissera

2016 – 2017

PDP Lion Kasun

2015 – 2016

PDP Deshamanya Lion Sagara Gunawardana

2014 – 2015

PDP Lion Sudheera Bandara

2013 – 2014

PDP  Shaminda Livera

2012 – 2013

Past International Advisory Panelist/ PMDP Lion Dhanushka Ramanayake

2011 – 2012

PDP Lion Dileka Sandanayake

2010 – 2011

PDP Lion Dhanushka Sandanayake

2009 – 2010

PDP Lion Jeewani Perera

2008 – 2009

PDP Lion Pubudu Upendra Perera

2007 – 2008

PDP Supun Sachithra Nigamuni

2006 – 2007

Past International Advisory Panelist/ PMDP Lion Tuan Roshan Latiff 

2005 – 2006

PDP Leo Madhawa

2004 – 2005

PDP Lion Janaka

2003- 2004

PDP  Lion Manjula Perera

2002 – 2003

PMDP Leo Lion Dilruk Tissera

2016 – 2017


“Leadership, Experience, Opportunity.” That’s what makes a Leo. Leos are devoted young people who realize the power of action. The innovative insights of Leos have given the Leo movement the best image from the community. We have successfully served the world for decades. 

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