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Embrace the global spirit of service and compassion with Lions International, a colossal organization spanning over 200 countries and uniting 1.4 million dedicated members in 46,000 clubs. Within this remarkable network, Lions International District 306 C1 stands as a proud affiliate, committed to making a profound impact on communities worldwide. The relationship between Leo District 306 C1 and Lions International District 306 C1 is a harmonious fusion of experience and youthfulness. As the youth partner, Leo District 306 C1 collaborates closely with Lions International, embracing shared values of service and leadership. United in purpose, they synergize efforts to address community needs, amplify impact, and nurture the next generation of compassionate leaders. Together, we create a transformative alliance, spreading hope and making a profound difference in the world.

“United We Roar; Unified We Succeed” emphasizes the statement that unity brings victory. Unity is the power that provides strength. Thus united as a team by inculcating the true spirit of leoism, our goals can be achieved, paving the way to success. The word “Roar” symbolizes that we, Leos are sponsored by our Lions Club International, and by bridging the gaps, we can strengthen communities and support those in need through humanitarian services. Thereby demonstrating that Lions and Leos are working towards a common goal. Our mission is to disclose our power of roar as a voice united, unveiling the incentives to serve society through the strength of unity, leadership, and cooperation while uplifting the movement and reaching the desired destination through the act of kindness and service.

The theme "Rise to Lead" of Lions International District 306 C1 embodies a powerful call to action, inspiring Lions members to step into leadership roles with determination and vision. It urges individuals to embrace their potential, elevate their skills, and take charge in making a positive impact on their communities and beyond. "Rise to Lead" emphasizes the significance of empowering oneself and others, fostering a culture of mentorship and support. It motivates Lions to lead by example, to be compassionate influencers who drive change, and to nurture the growth of future leaders. Under the guidance of Governor Lion Panthaka Dabare FDI PMJF PMAF, this theme galvanizes the district, uniting Lions in a collective journey of service, excellence, and transformative leadership.

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  • To manifest the power of unity, alliance, and triumph beyond doubt.


  • To unleash the Roar and Spirit of Leoism via the strength of unification, leadership, and forbearance whilst proceeding toward supremacy.


What we do offer

Community Engagement

Engaging with local communities through impactful service projects, supporting the vulnerable, and fostering unity and cooperation.

Leadership and Professional Development

Nurturing confident leaders through training, mentorship, and workshops, empowering positive change in communities.

Networking and Collaboration

Powerful networking transcending Leo and Lions, forging coorporate, national, and global collaboration for impactful endeavor.

Personal Growth

Providing a supportive environment for self-discovery, life skills development, and holistic growth of our members.

Global Impact

Through international projects, we extend our impact beyond borders and contribute to addressing global challenges.

Global Recognitions

Celebrating Leos' impactful efforts, providing national and international recognition for exceptional contributions and achievements.


Stay updated with the latest


Emerging as the best - C1 crowned as the Best District in the Leo Multiple 306

There were smiles all around with happy tears shed as the Leo District 306 C1 brought home two key awards of the night at the Leo Multiple Awards held on the 15th of July at Cinnamon Lakeside. Awarded the titles of both Best Administered District and the Best Leo District of the Multiple for our continued efforts to elevate the standards of the movement, we would like to congratulate Leo Kojitha Gamlath PFLM and his executive board for their efforts to make these achievements a reality. Well Done Leos of C1!.


Crowning of the Leo of the Year

As a movement we recognize exceptional leaders for their dedication and endless hours spent for the service of others . The year 2022/23 was one that may be marked as a year where our district shone brightest as our very own District President Elect Leo Thimira Uyanhewage was recognized with the lifetime achievement of Leo of the Year .

This is an incredible honor offered by Lions International and we would like to congratulate Leo Thimira Uyanhewage for his achievement . We wish him every strength to carry on the legacy of C1 into another great year.


Leo Shradhdha, the multi-religious activity

It is in alignment with the traditions of Sri Lanka to bestow blessings upon oneself prior commencing any important task . Likewise , each year the Leo District 306 C1 carries out a Multi Religious Blessings Activity Series covering the diverse faiths of our Leos in all geographical areas of our District.

This year religious activities were carried out at the Koneshwaram Temple Trincomalee , St. John’s Church - Getambe , Gangaramaya Temple - Colombo , Athkanda Viharaya - Kurunegala & Al Masraful Masjid - Ampara on the 8th of July 2023 respecting all faiths . We thank all Leos and well wishers who joined with us.


Leaders of C1

Leo Thimira Uyanhewage FLM

District President

Leo Kojitha Gamlath PFLM

Imm. Past District President

Leo Nisal Dulmith FLM

District Vice President

Leo Ravindi Hettiarachchi PFLM

District Secretary

Leo Anjana Udesh FLM

District Treasurer

Leo Mishel Medonza FLM

Assistant Secretary

Leo Lion Kalindu Kumarasinghe PFLM

Assistant Treasurer

Leo Lion Sandun Perera

Chief Region Coordinator


Upcoming Events

Reporting Guidelines Workshop
  • 10:00 AM - 04:00 PM

The Annual District and Club Officers workshop is due to be held in the month of August. This multi-day training guides the future leadership of the movement on the basics of their job role for the year as well as reporting via the MyLeo Portal. Stay tuned for a learning experience and an opportunity to polish up the inner leader in you!

District Workshop
  • 10:00 AM - 04:00 PM

The Annual District and Council Officers Workshop will be held in August. It will provide an opportunity for all District Council Officers and Club Executive Officers newly elected/appointed to understand the District President’s vision and mission for the Leoistic Year. Look forward to further details on this training workshop along with training on our digital platforms - MyLion and MyLeo.

Multiple District Installation
  • 01:30 PM - 05:30 PM

Ringing in new beginnings, Multiple District President-Elect Leo Dulini Cooray and Multiple District Vice President-Elect Leo Lion Rageesh Yogeshwaran PMJF MAF PFLM will be officially crowned in the month of August. Await further details regarding this beautiful history-making occasion for the Multiple District 306 Sri Lanka and Maldives.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Leo Club is a youth organization that empowers young people to engage in leadership development, community service, and networking, enriching society with a positive influence.

  • Leos are involved in a wide range of service projects covering SDGs and Lions' global service challenges, including environmental initiatives, education support, health awareness campaigns, and aiding the less fortunate.

  • To become a Leo member, find a local Leo club in your area, express your interest, and participate in their activities and meetings.

  • Leo Club is open to young people between the ages of 12 and 30, fostering a spirit of youth and creating a platform for personal growth and community service.

  • Being a Leo offers opportunities for leadership development, personal growth, making a positive impact in the community, networking, and receiving international recognition for outstanding efforts.

  • As Lions Clubs’ youth partner, Leos collaborate on service projects along with Lions Clubs leveraging their combined resources, experience, and dedication to maximize the impact of their efforts.


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Leo Youth Centre, Vidya Mawatha, Colombo 07


+9470 1004 349

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